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If you are having difficulty paying your student loans, you are not alone! Millions of Americans struggle to pay their loans due to rising educational costs and the hardships that have been created by the economic downturn. This debt is overwhelming and can have a HUGE negative impact on many aspects of your life! Falling into default on your student loans is gut-wrenching. Sometimes no matter how hard you try and through no fault of your own, circumstances make falling into default unavoidable. You went to school to better yourself and your life – not to be financially weighed down and burdened by debt. There’s no need to continue struggling under your student loan debt.

Defaulting on a student loan can result in many adverse consequences, such as:

Loans turned over to a collection agency, where many student loans obligate the borrower to pay collection costs. Currently, collection costs are 24.34%.

Wage Garnishment

Asset Seizure

Negative Credit reporting

Federal and State Tax Refunds may be intercepted

Federal benefits taken away, like social security

Whether you are facing difficulty paying a federal or private loan, we can discuss and help you understand the legal options that are available to you and help you take action to resolve the debt. We are committed to helping you achieve the best solution for your needs by intently listening to your situation and goals and providing legal guidance through the maze of available programs and options available.
Many people do not realize there are options available to help resolve student loan issues. Call us if:

If you are you receiving threatening and harassing phone calls and letters from debt collectors

Being threatened with wage garnishment, social security offset, or tax refund offsets

Being sued for your student loan

If you are unsure if you qualify for a lower payment, discharge or forgiveness

If you are in default and not sure what is the best option

You are having trouble keeping up with your payment

You are just graduating or in your grace period and want to figure out a strategy moving forward

We provide competent legal representation to help you avoid and get out of all the pitfalls, reversing the negative effects, restoring your rights, and putting you back in control of your financial future!

What Do We Offer?

A Comprehensive and personalized analysis of your student loans

Explaining the different repayment options, including the pros and cons of each

determine options for reducing monthly payments

determine your eligibility for consolidation, restoration, loan cancellation, and loan forgiveness

determining if a borrower may qualify for and assisting with obtaining a discharge


Communicating on your behalf with lenders, servicers or with collections agencies

Dealing with harassing, abusive and unfair conduct by debt collectors

Completing the forms and applications for repayment, consolidation, deferment, and/or forbearance

Settlement or repayment negotiations for Private Loans

Representing borrowers being sued by lenders or the Department of Justice

Restore your Financial Aid eligibility and benefits

Credit report restoration

Preventing or eliminating wage garnishments

Preventing or eliminating of tax refund or benefit intercepts

We can help put you on track to success!

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Selecting the right attorney is an important decision and a sometimes daunting task. Choosing an attorney with the appropriate experience and knowledge will ensure that you are legally protected now and in the future. Make an appointment for a free brief consultation at Naatz Law to determine if we are best suited to fit your legal needs.

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