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What is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is the legal process whereby a lender repossesses your home after you have defaulted on your mortgage payments. Fortunately, the foreclosure process takes place very slowly. In many cases, homeowners need to miss several payments before the foreclosure process is started.

If you are headed down the path toward foreclosure or actions have been initiated against you, you have options.  Do not ignore or put off learning about your options. These options mainly include applying for a loan modification or filing for protection under the Federal Bankruptcy Code.

Pursuing a foreclosure action is costly for lenders. In the end, they lose both money and time, and end up with a property they don’t necessarily want. As a result, many lenders are willing to consider loan modifications. Modification usually results in lower monthly payments and/or a lower interest rate.  Lenders sometimes can also reduce the principal balance on your loan.

We are experienced negotiators and are willing to deal with your lender to secure a loan modification on your behalf.

Filing for Bankruptcy May Be An Option; It is not uncommon for people who are experiencing mortgage difficulties to have financial troubles in other areas. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be an additional option to save your home.  A foreclosure-bankruptcy attorney can assist you with this decision. For more information, see our section on Chapter 13.

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Selecting the right attorney is an important decision and a sometimes daunting task. Choosing an attorney with the appropriate experience and knowledge will ensure that you are legally protected now and in the future. Make an appointment for a free brief consultation at Naatz Law to determine if we are best suited to fit your legal needs.

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